S.S. Gigantic Across the Atlantic

* the story of the world’s biggest ocean liner ever!
Simon & Schuster Children’s Publishing, 1999
Scholastic Books, 1999 / A Scholastic Book Main Selection

A huge ocean liner. A sea full of icebergs.

Little Pip-Squeak is the lookout on the “S.S.” Gigantic, and it’s his job to make sure that the largest ship in the world crosses the Atlantic safely. Is he big enough for the job?
In this hilarious tale of titanic proportions, Peter Selgin proves that size isn’t everything.

PRAISE FOR S.S. Gigantic Across the Atlantic:

“At last, an antidote for those seeking to satisfy the Titanic thirst in young patrons, but who are unable to face another DiCaprio clip. This timely send-up records the maiden voyage of the worlds Biggest Ocean Liner Ever: Its SO gigantic, it can travel around the world without moving! The ship boasts a passenger list of billionaires, the likes of Dr. and Mrs. Iadore Myself and Benjamin Bigbehind. It is young Pip-Squeak (the lookout with extraordinary vision) who narrates, recounting the disastrous effects of the dreaded SEA THUMBTACK on the vessels rubber hull. Selgin’s comic-book art is executed with gouache in a palette of primary colors and black. His dynamic designs sweep across the pages with consistently sharp attention to detail, from the endpapers to the Bar-Code Barge that is being towed across the books back cover. The artwork is accompanied by an equally animated text. Pair this with Judi Barretts Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs (Atheneum, 1978) or Anne Isaacss Swamp Angel (Dutton, 1994) for a storytime of gargantuan proportions and great fun.”—School Library Journal

“There’s high adventure, indeed, in this hilarious tall tale, which begins, “Call me Pip-Squeak.” Children won’t catch the reference to Moby Dick, but they will immediately recognize the spoof of the unsinkable ocean liner, setting sail again, this time as the S.S. Gigantic. Captain Bragg is at the helm, and Pip-Squeak, our narrator, is in the crow’s nest of the incredible ship, which is so huge that it takes a lifetime to walk from bow to stern and it needs one million propellers. Passengers include tycoon Benjamin Bigbehind and Dr. and Mrs. Isadore Myself. On its maiden voyage, while other ships are striking icebergs and sinking, the S.S. Gigantic actually sinks an iceberg, confirming all the more the ship’s seaworthiness. But meet its doom it must, and children will delight at the surprise ending. The cornball-style illustrations offer graphic nonsense and funny asides aplenty.”—Booklist

“A gleeful poke at the Titanic tale and mythology, as well as at anyone involved in boasts of “biggest,’” “best,’” and “most.’” Pip-Squeak, a young lad in search of adventure, and unafraid to toot his own horn, meets up with adult hyperbole in the form of Captain Bragg, whose ship is the “S.S.’” Gigantic, and whose gloating skills are only slightly less flamboyant than the claims he makes for his vessel. The ship survives a large iceberg (sinking it, in fact), and, unlike Titanic, gets a second chance. A shiplore send-up, in amusing stylized art.”—Kirkus